Mission Statement
"To promote opportunities that empower blind
individuals to achieve their full potential"
Welcome to Blind Enterprises of Oregon (BEO), a not-for-profit organization located in Portland, providing uniform nametapes and other embroidered products manufactured by our highly skilled and competent staff of blind and visually impaired individuals.

Created in 1988, BEO was established to privatize a segment of Oregon's state-operated Industries Program. As a member of National Industries for the Blind, BEO became fully operational after being awarded the contract to produce insignia nametapes for the United States Marine Corp Recruit Depot located in San Diego, California. This contract was awarded under the AbilityOne Program, formerly known as the Javits Wagner O'Day Act. By coordinating the participation of over 600 nonprofit agencies, the AbilityOne Program is the largest source of employment for people throughout the United States who are blind or have other severe disabilities. In addition to the contract, we are the primary supplier for USMC Base Clothing Stores located on the West Coast. We have successfully expanded our business to offer our nametapes to all other branches of the U.S. military, as well as local law enforcement agencies. In addition, our manufacturing process enables us to produce and offer the tape used in the making of name and service tapes.

Our mission is to promote opportunities that empower blind and visually impaired individuals to achieve their full potential in the work force. We accomplish this by providing on-the-job training and steady employment for our blind and visually impaired employees. We know that these individuals possess the same potential and desire to be as independent and self-reliant as sighted people, but rarely do they encounter even the opportunity to find gainful, productive employment. BEO provides that opportunity.

By continually developing and enhancing the specialized job skills of our blind and visually impaired employees, we are able to successfully operate and manage BEO with the assistance of only three sighted individuals.

We invite you to learn more about our organization and encourage you to contact us about our products.

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